We’ve all been there: the holiday from hell where the kids are kicking each other and screaming, the plane was 3 hours delayed, and an airport attendant is calmly explaining to you that your luggage has been…misplaced. That’s always the risk, when you take a family holiday, but there are ways of making things easier, so the whole experience doesn’t resemble a bad nightmare, instead of a special week away in the sun.


Plan Something For Everyone


Although you need the holiday more than the kids do, you will have to split up the itinerary judiciously, in order to keep everyone happy. Plan something that is tailored towards each member of family, so they all have an event to look forward to.


Expand Your Disposable Income


Save money in areas that you can afford to cut back on, such as your flights and holiday wear. This way, you will be able to set aside more money for enjoyable days out in your destination, and take out the family for lavish meals. Work out what is a priority for you. However, be sure to stay on top of any new flight deals as they appear – you can find out more about how to track cheap flights by following on Facebook.


Pack For The Weather


The weather will always cause problems, whether it’s going to be hot or cold, make sure that all of your children have appropriate clothes to keep them cool or warm (depending on what is needed). As a parent, you know the drill, but definitely ransack your teenager’s suitcase to make sure that it isn’t just packed full of The Smiths albums and converse trainers.


Become A Walking Vending Machine


A quick way that everyone will become unruly and cranky is if they are hungry or thirsty. Always pack snacks and water, to ensure that scenes in the car don’t take a dark turn. Yes, it may mean more frequent toilet stops, but it’s better than the alternative in-car scrum.


Engage With Your Kids


Use this opportunity to strengthen your ties with your children. You may not have your kids travelling with you very often, once they reach the end of their teenage years, so make the most of this time that you have together. Ask them to join in in the planning stage and make memories together (as clichéd as that sounds).




Some might say that this is a sign of weakness, but any parent knows the power of bribery. If you’re usually a little rigid on their games console time, forget all of that for the journey at least. It’s important to keep them busy and engrossed in something, to avoid any travel trouble. You can employ the double-edged chocolate reward if you like, but that may blow up in your face when they have so much energy that the plane can barely contain them anymore. Always resort to some form of bribery or another, as long as you know it works. It’s amazing what kids will sit through, if you let them do their favourite things.

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