We often take it for granted, but it is quite a blessed predicament for someone to be able to choose his or her way of life. Most of us in the developed world have so many options presented to us; all we need to do is choose. You can seek learning for just about any profession, to boot. While it is an option to do so, we can also opt not to follow the same line of work as our predecessors.

Even the particulars of the profession/s we aim to practice are flexible. While most would opt to keep work and home separate, a fast-growing few are already doing their work  from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to advances in telecommunication, we are not hindered by geographic barriers either. This allows for one to move around and experience different places while still maintaining employment.

While there are some mobile jobs that have waned in significance (like say, the door-to-door salesman), there are still a good handful of careers that can satisfy the itch for travel. Here are a few that I found to be still lucrative in our present day and age:


Truck Driver

Our telecommunications networks and artificial intelligence technology may have advanced far enough that a person can control a vehicle from halfway around the world (there are Google Street View vehicles that are driverless), but for now, it is still more cost-effective (and safer) to have an actual driver to be at a wheel of our trucks.

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a trucker is born

As everyone should know, the transport industry is an integral component of our civilization. If all trucks were to stop operating, our world would descend into scarcity-driven chaos. There is a need for truck drivers in every part of the civilized world. In fact, it is still viable to run a “have truck, will travel” solo operation. With both new and pre-owned trucks becoming increasingly affordable (sites like NextTruck Online have plenty of units to choose from), one could easily get into this kind of travel-reliant livelihood.



Equally important is our worldwide shipping industry, making sure that goods (and people) get to where they are supposed to go. While a truck can be manned by one person, large seagoing vessels will need a lot more hands to keep it operating.

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a lot of seamen

A sound mind and body are required to be a merchant marine, as there will be plenty of tasks requiring manual labor, as well as competency with the electronic and mechanical innards of a vessel.


Flight Attendant

You must have guessed this one, given the previous two jobs  featured. Flying the friendly skies may just be one of the most lucrative, and for the same given distance, you will certainly be able to reach point B from A in the least amount of time.

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ready to fly

Unfortunately, the airline industry is currently going through a lot of economic difficulties at the moment, with many carriers folding up their businesses or merging with other airlines to become more competitive and profitable. You might want to hold back from pursuing this line of work, at least until the industry stabilizes and starts to grow anew.



I have mentioned before that the traveling salesman has become less of a viable line of work, but that only applies to certain products or services, and mostly of the retail variety. There are still a need for companies to deploy salesmen all over the world in order to negotiate bigger accounts and supply contracts. The pharmaceutical industry, for instance, still have a lot of medical representatives that are hired to convince clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies to stock their products.

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cat food salescat

If you truly wish to satisfy your wanderlust while still making income, do consider these and other careers that require lots and lots of moving around. Keep on traveling!



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