travel It’s Time to Travel Smart!   Ways to Cut Travel Costs

Travelling can be costly and holidays expensive but with the world offering so much, you cannot possible resist. That is exactly why it is necessary to have on your hands sources that can reduce the overall cost of your travel for the journey and allow you to splurge in places you have always wanted to. It may sound a little bit far-fetched, but a few easy precautions can go a long way. Every traveler can save money on additional travel costs and at the same time can have an excellent trip.  Here are those few pointers which will make the trip worth your money in every way possible:

–          Flying off-peak:

While choosing your flight try to choose one that is more at an antisocial time, say early morning or late night. These flights are comparatively less expensive and you do not have to compromise on any additional comfort as well. This offers you to save on additional money which you might have spent on a peak hour time flight.

–          Booking Off Season:

All travel agencies are aware that there are certain times of the year when most of the travelers choose to travel. This is known as the peak season. As a result, the travel rates are more expensive during these times. Book off – season so that you can save on flight tickets and do not have to spend unnecessarily. You can enjoy your peak season travelling with reduced travel costs if you book well in advance for your trip.

–          The frequent flyer miles:

If you are a regular traveler, a lot of flight companies offer you frequent flyer mile cards which ensure you discounts on future travelling. You could use these cards for those additional miles that you can choose not to pay for. As a regular traveler some companies also provide you with additional luxury amenities which you could save while planning your upcoming trip.

–          Fly From Anywhere:

Sometimes you would have to travel to an airport that is a little out of the way for you, since the flight in concern can save you a good deal of cash. Prefer doing that so that you add up to your savings. Be ready to travel that extra mile or that extra hour, since it will be worth it in the end.

–          Newsletter Sign-ups :

Several good flight agencies and companies have monthly and weekly newsletter posts and emails that they channel towards their regular customers as a way to increase their business. Sign up for these and make sure that you are in regular touch with these posts since they offer surprise package deals and additional perks which you could use to your advantage and save cash on flight bookings.

–          Look Through All your Options:

Sort out through all your flight options. Do not accept the one’s you receive immediately since these tend to be the more expensive ones. Look out for every flight that caters to your destination and timings, make a comparative valuation and then proceed into the booking process. This will ensure you book your travel and save money by selecting cheaper options.

Be it extended golf tours with your office pals, or a long family vacation to Disneyland, or a honeymoon by the back waters of Mauritius, travel can cost a fortune. But smart travel comes with a well planned itinerary that is based on good research of stay options as well as travel costing. It also comes with merging comfort and luxury with a budget and leaving space for additional costs to enjoy those things which we will never experience again.

Bio: Miranda Bailey is a travel agent who specializes in organizing golf tours in the UAE. She is extremely passionate about travel and sources out these trips to plan the perfect trip without making a hole in your pocket.

One thought on “It’s Time to Travel Smart! – Ways to Cut Travel Costs

  1. Great Tips, Thanks!
    I would like to add – Booking way in advance is not always good.As you may also get discounts later. I have experienced this many a times and hence i feel the best time to start comparison shopping for flights is 45 to 60 days before you’d like to travel. Airline computers are intentionally set up not to give you a deal outside that time frame because they are looking at the law of supply and demand.
    Love the point on flying off-peak. This is indeed true as most of us in the world are simply lazy and love to wake up late and go catch a flight post lunch. Well being a early bird certainly pays off. When on a early flight you will not only get the best seats on flight but also all the attention you require for service as the flights are not as packed as when on a peak time flight.

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