When it comes to touring the Chicago area, there are no limits to the ways you can experience the beauty of the city. Not much is still standing built prior to 1871, with a few exceptions, making the architecture new and original. Well, at least newer. Whether you want to boat, walk, ride the bus, bike, or even take a Seaway, Chicago has it all.

Boat tours

With The Chicago River flowing straight through the city, Chicago is an ideal location to experience the beauty of the city while floating along a relaxing ride. Take in the breathtaking views of Marina City, The Chicago Merchandise Mart, as well as more than 50 other buildings from the water.

The experience and knowledge of the tour guides will teach you more about architecture than you ever learned sleeping through eleventh grade history. Plus the best part is: you will love what you learn. The boat tour is a relaxing way to experience the construction of Chicago.

Walking through Chicago

No matter what you wish to see, the walking tours of Chicago will give you the slow speed you need to experience the historical architecture of the city. Take in every jaw-dropping view of the city at your own pace. With over 70 different tours available, you can walk for weeks, learning everything about the city one step at a time.

Not interested in walking around in the freezing cold, trying to enjoy Chase Tower while shivering beneath a thick jacket and three layers of socks? The Art Institute of Chicago is the second largest museum in the nation. It offers all the architectural experience without having to brave the cold.

The segway experience

Not just for mall cops anymore, the segway is the way to tour. Faster than walking, yet with more freedom than a bus to stop and take in the view, touring on a segway will do all this and more:

  • Give you a personal tour along Lake Michigan
  • Allow you to travel quickly in and between parks
  • While in one of the 570 parks, experience the architecture many of them have to offer
  • Cruise around the 36-acres of Portage Park, taking in the architectural beauty
  • It is virtually impossible to not have fun on a segway, try it, I dare you

All this and more is available on your segway tour. You will be able to take in all the new architecture, as well as the few structures that have been left standing from The Great Chicago Fire.

The architecture of Chicago

From skyscrapers to landmarks, from monuments to residential architecture, Chicago has the most unique building designs the country has to offer. The structures created after the fire destroyed a major part of the city, as well as the few buildings that remain work together to create a distinct cityscape.

When looking for a tour, look no further; Chicago has it all. No matter the way you wish to tour, or the types of buildings you want to see, Chicago will show you the roots from which much of architectural America was built.

By Cassie Costner

Interested in The Great Chicago Fire? Cassie has researched how companies such as Skyline DKI would have changed the outcome and the magnitude of the damage. She is interested in the different modes of tourism, as well as the architectural structures of Chicago.

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