Although Asia is best known for its fabulous beaches and islands, this fascinating continent is also home to some first-class hiking. Take a look at the top five hiking spots in Asia and start planning your next adventure in the mountains.

Darjeeling, India

Northern India is home to some of the world’s highest peaks and to some truly awe-inspiring scenery. The city of Darjeeling is a great starting point for some spectacular hikes and for the best views over the imposing Himalayas. Recommended hikes include the Tiger Hill trek and the multi-day Singhalia Ridge trail. The scenic mountain scenery, picturesque villages, and peaceful and remote environment make Darjeeling one of the top choices for hikers who are looking to take their hobby to a new level.

Northern Thailand

Thailand is one of the best destinations when it comes to turning hiking into a wonderful cultural experience. The city of Chiang Mai is a great place to arrange a hilltribe trek where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the hill tribes, their culture, and their crafts. Hikers will get to stay in local homestays and the scenery is varied enough to keep everyone entertained. Here you’ll find caves, thick forests, crystalline streams, and tea plantations. Hikes in northern Thailand range from one-day excursions to week-long adventures.

Fuji-san, Japan

Mt Fuji, Japan’s most iconic mountain, stands proud at over 12,000 feet. Simply catching a glimpse of this perfectly shaped mountain is one of the most magical experiences for hikers and nature lovers. Climbing to the top is not required to experience the unique beauty of hiking in Japan, as the mountain is in the Five Lakes region, a beautiful area dotted with photogenic valleys, hot springs, and lakes, such as Lake Kawaguchiko or Lake Shojiko.

Li River, China

Trekking along the Li River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed. Hikers can spend days walking among remote and magical landscapes that will take their breath away. Oddly shaped limestone formations, bamboo groves, and fist-rate river views are the highlights of a trek in this beautiful region. The towns of Yangdi and Xinping are the best starting points for hikes along the Li River and are interesting destinations in their own right. Due to the remoteness of this destination, make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance if you decide to go on this hike.

Lombok, Indonesia

Ever dreamt of hiking to the top of an active volcano? The spectacular Mt Bromo, located in the picture-perfect island of Lombok, is a great choice for hikers looking to combine an island holiday with some serious hiking. Guided hikes range from 3 to 6 days in duration and can be arranged at villages like Cemoro and Sembalun. The hike will take you through rice paddies, lush valleys covered in tropical vegetation, waterfalls, and isolated villages. And when you are done, soothe your aching muscles by relaxing on the gorgeous beaches of the Gili islands, where you can relax in paradise for free.

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