When making the journey from London to Paris, or indeed any other European city, there are a number of travel options available. These include air travel, rail  travel, car, coach and of course using ferries. Each of these modes of transport have their own benefits, but which one is the best overall?  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

london too parise London to Paris : Road, Rail, Air or Sea?

Spread Your Wings And Fly

The majority of people turn instantly to air travel believing it to be the fastest and most convenient option. However, with ever increasing security measures in place this may not be the case. The flight itself takes around 90 minutes, but when you factor in the check in times and baggage reclaim/customs on the other end the journey can take up to four hours. If there are delays then it could be even longer.

Air travel often comes with hidden fees in the form of airport taxes and carbon tax making what initially seemed like a low cost trip far more expensive. The very fact that air travel carries a carbon tax tells us that it is not particularly kind to the environment either. Of course it is not all bad and air travel certainly has its place. When everything goes smoothly it is a great way to travel in comfort.

Make Tracks On The Train

Travelling from London to Paris on the train used to involve a ferry crossing in the middle, but thanks to the Channel Tunnel it is now possible to make the journey by rail in one leg. The rail journey through the channel tunnel takes around 2.5 hours between London and Paris making it faster than most flights.

Travelling by train is certainly comfortable and there is something almost romantic about this form of transport, which often calls to mind old fashioned voyages across the continent on steam trains! Of course today’s trains are much more high tech!

Hitting The Road

When travelling by road, there are two options – take your own car or travel by coach. Travelling by car means being able to travel on your own schedule, although you need to do the driving and you may feel cramped on long journeys. However, with coach travel you can sit back and relax allowing you to take in the scenery.

There are many coach services offered between London and Paris at various times of day so it should be easy to find a suitable trip if you check out a few bus timetables. Modern coaches are far more comfortable then the coaches of the past. With air conditioning, comfortable seats and on-board refreshments you may find that coach trips are relaxing and stress free.

Travelling from London to Paris by road means crossing the channel. This can be done either by sea with the help of a ferry, or by using the Channel Tunnel. Cars and coaches are loaded onto vehicle transport trains to be taken through the tunnel, a journey which takes around 30 minutes. You will get out of the vehicle and ride on the train as a passenger. This is a faster option than choosing the ferry, but in nice weather many people feel that the ferry offers the more scenic choice.

The mode of transport you decide to use for your London to Paris journey will largely be down to personal preference. However, if you are looking for a convenient and comfortable mode of transport which is both affordable and the most environmentally sound, then I would recommend coach travel every time.

Tim Baker is an experienced travel writer who has traveled the world. As an avid fan of traveling by road, the majority of Tim’s adventures begin at Victoria Coach Station. His favorite cities in the world are Paris and London, both of which combine beauty, culture and a rich history.

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