If you have planned to go on a river cruise for the first time, you may want to know how to get the most out of your trip. When you book on a Viking River Cruise, you will be given lots of information on what to take and what to expect. However, the following tips may be of benefit as well.

Tips for River Cruising

  1. Pack light. You may have to fly to the point where you can get on board your cruise boat, which means you have to carry luggage with you for at least some part of the trip. Try to pack as light as possible with a flexible wardrobe.
  2. Check what the dress code is. There may be a number of dining rooms that have a dress code, although the most common is ‘smart casual’. However, better safe than sorry, so do check.
  3. Take the opportunity to learn new things. You will make stops at culturally rich places, so it is a great chance to get to know new cultures and histories.
  4. Know what you will do ashore. Your itinerary will show the stops you will make, so you may as well look into some of the things that can be done there. There will generally be some excursions that you can sign up for, of which you will be informed, but you can also see what else you may like to do.
  5. Get in shape. It is likely that you will do quite a bit of walking as you stroll through the different towns and villages. Hence, make sure you are physically able to take those walks, or make arrangements for wheelchair if not.
  6. Go for gourmet. Traveling on a river cruise is an opportunity to really enjoy gourmet cooking. Plus, most river cruises adapt their cuisine so that it reflects the area through which you are traveling, so you may just be able to get to know some new dishes as well.
  7. Enjoy the peace. If you just want to get away from things for a while, you can retire to your comfortable cabin from where you can continue to enjoy the same view as you would see on deck. It is a great chance to just relax and find yourself again.
  8. Shop for bargains. If you book early, you should be able to get a better deal. Also, going outside of school vacations is a great way to get a good deal.
  9. Think about what you like before you book. There are many rivers to cruise in Europe, so there are many choices out there for you. Do you want to eat, drink, dance, see museums, enjoy architecture, visit nature? Think about what you like and book a trip that fits in with that.
  10. Choose a customized package. Choose the excursions you like, or pick a cruise that goes to multiple destinations.

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